Security Manager – Your IT administrator’s best friend

The 6100 series data recorder / chart recorder is packed full of feature rich options making it the data recorder of choice in such verticals including:

  • Heat Treat
  • Water / Waste Water
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power

One of these options includes Security Manager which is a simple software option and it allows IT administrators to manage all user log in credentials to you data recorder(s) from one location.

Now, imagine you have multiple recorders throughout your plant (let’s say 3 different recorders for 3 different products)  . Subsequently  you also have multiple operators assigned to each recorder on different shifts. Can you imagine the nightmare associated with maintaining all user’s credentials?

With Security Manager, you can:

  • Sync all recorders to one centralized database; if a change is made to a user’s rights, the next time you deploy, all recorders will be updated
  • Security Manager can pair up with Microsoft Active Directory to allow you to pull users already setup on your network; no more guessing!
  • Keep track of how many times a user incorrectly logs in, disable accounts, modify rights, and much more!

Security Manager makes an excellent pairing with our Auditor package for CFR21Part11 and ultimately can be a huge time savor. You have questions? Shoot me an email –>


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