ASM 2009; Eurotherm attendees

I just wanted to mention some of the Eurotherm people attending this years ASM Show

Peter Sherwin (your blogger!) – I look after the Heat Treat Business in North America

Mark Demick who is an expert in our systems group, particularly with HMI’s (Eycon), Intelligent I/O (T2250) and our full SCADA software EurothermSuite (an integrated version of Wonderware Intouch).

Steve Miller who runs the Controls section of the business – typically these are discrete temperature and process controllers 1/16DIN (2216/3216FM) to 1/4DIN (2204, 2704, 3504 etc.) from single loops and upto multiple loop systems in our Mini8 product.

Chris Lawlor  is our Charts specialist – although we have a long history with Paper charts and the Chessell brand, by far the top selling products these days are the Paperless Charts – our 6100 and 6180 series. Our software Bridge (remote real-time viewing and setup), Review (Historian allowing search and retrieval of batches) make for an entry level SCADA package at very good value!

Monique Watkins will also be present who is our Marketing Specialist – I am sure that she will be updating Gord (themonty) and Doug (Industrial Heating) amongst others with our latest offerings to the Industry.

Other experts and Sales Managers will be present at the show and we are all there to help address any Process Control and Data/Information capture requirements that you have in the heat treating industry.

Look forward to seeing you all next week!


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Marketing Manager / Heat Treat Business Development Manager – North America
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